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    if someone says they dont want to be touched

    • dont touch them
    • dont fucking touch them
    • actually dont touch them
    • dont continue to fucking touch them after they make it clear they are uncomfortable

    also dont continue touching them bc you think their reaction is cute

    Especially the last point

    (via sashnado)



    ive always thought the most revealing line hamlet says about himself (besides “o, what an ass am i”) is the “o i could be bounded in a nutshell and call myself king of infinite space, if it were not that i have bad dreams” bit. because it outlines his Problem so simply, or maybe just because it always feels to me like my problem. “i could do anything, i could do anything i wanted to or that anyone else wanted me to, if i wasn’t hecked up from the neck up” 

    Besides “if i wasn’t hecked up from the neck up” being the greatest phrase ever, this post is also Very Important because you do see Hamlet slipping here from pretending to be insane to actually talking about problems he has. It’s like halfway through To Be where he goes from being ~dramatic~ to stopping and saying that he is terrified of death and the afterlife, and confiding in the audience his fears.

    It’s brilliant. We as the audience are also being duped by Hamlet and we don’t even realize it. Except, unlike his family being tricked into thinking he’s insane, we are being tricked into thinking that he’s dealing with things fine mentally and emotionally ever since the ghost showed up.  It’s only in the little moments where he slips from acting mad to genuinely expressing the problems he’s having that we begin to realize Hamlet’s true mental state. He’s a clinically depressed teenager crying out for help with nobody hearing him, resorting to dropping hints and hiding behind jokes. To the audience. He is begging us to help him, and even we who have witnessed everything can’t even hear him.

    Brilliant, but so so sad.

    (via theshakespeares)


    He’s a brilliant man and he’s a good pal and I always enjoy working with Tom. When you work with great actors you have to step up and we’ve always enjoyed that, and I think we work well together. And I’m a big fan of his work at the moment. It’s always a buzz working with him, he’s great.

    - Cillian Murphy on working with Tom Hardy again in Peaky Blinders.

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    so im shopping for make up for the girlfriend bc valentines day and holy fuck how do you girls afford this shit

    $80 for eye shadow???

    is it made out of unicorn shit

    what is naked 3

    why is it called naked

    will it make her look naked

    why is it $50

    that’s 50 cheese burgers

    i can’t deal with make up good bye

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